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Brokerage Accounts and Relationship with Charles Schwab & Co.

Hamrick Investment Counsel, llc does not take possession of client securities or funds. In determining which broker dealer to use for custody of client accounts and to make security transactions, we recommend that our clients hold their assets in accounts at Charles Schwab & Co.

Hamrick Investment Counsel receives no compensation from Schwab or any other third party for services we render. However, our electronic linkages with Schwab enable us to make timely and accurate securities transactions, monitor all activity in client portfolios, and maintain daily price files and portfolio records.

Schwab enables our clients to consolidate diverse investments in single accounts. Schwab also
provides discounted commissions on some securities transactions. All such discounts are passed through to the benefit of our clients.

Reviews and Reports

Our Investment Committee conducts a thorough monthly review of each client’s individual portfolio. We also conduct a daily review of all securities prices, trading and all other transactions in all client accounts.

Clients and Hamrick Investment Counsel each receive duplicate copies of monthly brokerage account statements and confirmations of all securities transactions.

Hamrick Investment Counsel, llc sends out quarterly reports shortly after the end of each quarter. These include a portfolio statement, performance report, and written commentary on market conditions, portfolio activity and strategy. We also maintain regular personal contact with each client.