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Our investment research process begins with a Political, Economic and Capital Markets Analysis. We develop this analysis through in-depth research and continual monitoring of a wide variety of periodicals, newsletters and other research sources.

A key strategy we use is Active Asset Allocation, whereby we over or underweight major asset classes or sectors in response to the evolving outlook.

With regard to Security Selection, we work with individual stocks and bonds, as well as no-load mutual funds.

For common stock investors, we maintain a Model Stock Portfolio. We select and monitor stocks through in-depth “bottom-up” research, including financial statement analysis, company contacts, industry analysis and critical discussion.

In order to gain broad diversification and invest in unique asset classes, such as convertible securities or foreign stocks and bonds, we work with no-load mutual funds. Expenses and investment management process are key factors we consider in fund selection.

For more details, download Our Investment Management Process {PDF: 269KB}.