Financial Planning

Our financial planning services combine sophisticated software with the practical wisdom developed from several decades of helping clients meet their financial goals. Our financial planning services are focused on providing insight on how your financial assets can be used to meet your life’s goals, and what trade-offs there may be along the way. Our financial planning services are included as part of our investment management services.

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Investment Management

Hamrick Investment Counsel provides highly individualized investment advisory services. Our basic investment approach is conservative and generally long term. We seek to maximize total returns, while minimizing risk, through appropriate asset allocation, adequate diversification, and individual asset selection.

Through our financial planning process, we will help you identify an appropriate level of investment risk. This is formalized through an Investment Policy Statement, which provides the framework for how your investments will be managed, including any socially responsible investing requirements you may have.

Nonprofit Organizations

With over 40 years of combined experience, we bring a combination of nonprofit and investment management experience to help fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities. Both partners have served as board members for multiple nonprofit organizations and Mr. Wathey has an educational background in nonprofit management.

Reviews and Reports

Our Investment Committee conducts a thorough monthly review of each client’s individual portfolio. We also conduct a daily review of all securities’ prices and trading and all other transactions in all client accounts.

Clients and Hamrick Investment Counsel each receive duplicate copies of monthly brokerage account statements and confirmations of all securities transactions.

Hamrick Investment Counsel sends out quarterly reports shortly after the end of each quarter. These include a portfolio statement, performance report, and written commentary on market conditions, portfolio activity and strategy. We also maintain regular personal contact with each client.